Lining solutions for the 21st century

As one of the leading manufacturers in the field of trenchless rehabilitation of pipes you can expect more from us than an "off the shelf" product: As a system supplier you can get an all-round package from us - individually planned and produced for your project.  And from the classic GRP-liner (also for the pressure range), the GRP-house connection liner to the GRP-hat profile. And of course, much more.

In our production facilities in Saerbeck, Münsterland and in Huntersville, North Carolina (USA), our products, from glass fibre to ready-to-install products, are manufactured in-house. This unique flexibility allows us to offer our clients high quality, short delivery times and customised solutions at all times. These are properties that provide our partners invaluable benefits both in the planning phase and during the installation.

Economical, innovative, flexible, quick!

In the period from the arrival of our products at the construction site until the completion of the rehabilitation work the residents will hardly be affected. Our trenchless rehabilitation procedures, which usually last no longer than one day, provide invaluable benefits.

  • Low noise, dust and exhaust pollution for residents
  • Hardly any disruptions in road and delivery traffic
  • No week-long closures of streets and sidewalks  
  • Optimal use even in spatially confined spaces
  • No excavation of soil - thus conserving tree roots etc.
  • Immediate reopening of the sewer

These are just a few factors that favour the use of our products.

Faser zum Liner

Saerbeck / Stavanger, 14 Juni 2017

Unique worldwide: Tab connection succeful installed to a rehabilitated potable water pipe!

Today, together with the company Hawle Water Technology Norge, we have achieved THE breakthrough and installed a tab connection to a potable water pipe, which has been trenchless rehabilitated using the SAERTEX-LINER H2O.


Saerbeck, May 2017

Organizational Change: Dipl.-Ing. Roland Hahn

Dear Friends and Partners

Our colleague Roland Hahn has decided to accept a new challenge as a partner in a consulting office in our industry. His new working environment will be closer to his home city and requests less travel. Therefore Roland Hahn is leaving SAERTEX multiCom at his own request as of June 30, 2017. 


Wloclawek, April 2017

A customized one-of-a-kind solution: Trenchless egg-shaped section helps rehabilitate a main sewer

The unique project to rehabilitate the sewage system in the agglomeration of Włocławek began in January 2016 when a contract was signed between the supplier F.H.I. “Instbud Stanislaw Boguta” and the Polish city of Włocławek following an open tender. The aim of the project was to develop a complex rehabilitation concept and carry out the planned rehabilitation work in expert fashion.


Saerbeck / Berlin, March 2017

Technology and research in practice: rehabilitating a DN 225 potable water pipeline with SAERTEX-LINER® H2O on Schöneberger Ufer for WASSER BERLIN INTERNATIONAL trade fair.

Subtitled “Technology and research in practice,” the exhibition “Experience Water” will be held on March 30, 2017, as part of the WASSER BERLIN INTERNATIONAL trade fair. Visitors from around the world will get an insight into innovative pipeline construction methods. 


Saerbeck, February 2017

Trenchless rehabilitation of a mouth-shaped sewer: a special project for the 50,000th SAERTEX-LINER®

In the past year, we not only celebrated the 20th anniversary of SAERTEX multiCom®, but also the production of the 50,000th SAERTEX-LINER® for the trenchless rehabilitation of pipes at our location in Saerbeck in the region of Münster, Germany.


Saerbeck,  November 2016

Christmas is coming: donate instead!

This year, we are also combining our thanks with our partnership in collaboration with Viva con Agua Sankt Pauli e.V. in the support of a water project "All for water - water for all". in Nepal, Chitwan region. Among others, this drinking water project focuses on improved access to safe and clean drinking water, which can be found here:


Saerbeck, October 2016

Bending capacity on house connection liners

Or the question: How many bends are possible…?

In the field of land drainage system rehabilitation, bending capacity is one of the main requirements placed on the procedure used. Nowadays, there are a large number of house connection liners available in the market that can pass through bends of up to 90°. It is often the case that several bends in succession have to be passed through in the pipe rehabilitation. This not only poses a challenge in the preliminary work, such as cleaning and inspection, but above all in the rehabilitation of such pipelines. This is why SAERTEX multiCom GmbH, developer and supplier of the GRP house connection liner system SAERTEX multiFlex, is asked time and again: How many bends are possible?


Saerbeck, September 2016

Norway is one step ahead of the rest of Europe with its trenchless rehabilitation of an asbestos cement potable water pipe with the SAERTEX-LINER® H2O

The global potable water sector is facing a problem: How can we modernize defective potable water pipes without reducing efficiency and harming the environment? The answer is the first UV-curing GRP liner for the trenchless rehabilitation of potable water pipes.


Saerbeck, 25 May 2016

Shaping a new future: Trailblazing innovation for the trenchless rehabilitation of potable water pipes

Seen from space, the water supply on Earth looks endless. Around 70% of the planet’s surface is covered with water. However, this impression is misleading: only 3% of all the resources consist of fresh water, and half of that is locked in the ice at the polar caps.

So does that mean that we are handling our drinking water carefully? No.


Kuala Lumpur, 10 May 2016

SAERTEX multiCom shows highlights in Asia

The 9th International Trade Fair all about trenchless renewal, renovation and rehabilitaion of pipes held for the first time in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from May, 09th - 10th 2016


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