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SAERTEX-LINER Produktprogramm KV

Our new product range

Our proven SAERTEX-LINER®s for trenchless rehabilitation of wastewater and supply pipes.



Our sustainable technology with a savings target of 1 million kg CO2 per year.


Our services

To ensure smooth progress of your construction project.

Visionary Lining Solutions

SAERTEX multiCom is the industry-leading manufacturer of UV-cured fiberglass-reinforced pipe liner in the world. Because we are a solution provider for the trenchless rehabilitation of wastewater and supply pipes, we partner with our customers throughout the installation process – from initial planning and bidding to on-site support and project completion. As a result, our high-performance liners have been successfully installed on thousands of projects.

Trenchless rehabilitation? With SAERTEX multiCom!


At the forefront of UV-CIPP technology

We continuously work to improve our products and services for the trenchless rehabilitation industry, which means you benefit from our award-winning innovative strength.

Driving sustainability for your projects

We are continually working toward products and processes that protect the environment, such as our SAERTEX-LINER® UPgreen which has a savings target of 1 million kg of CO2 per year.

Your project partner when you need us

From specifying to installing, our experienced team offers a variety of services and training opportunities that will help your next installation project be a successful one.

  • Current status at our new US facility

    After eight months of construction, SAERTEX multiCom LP’s new building is nearly complete.

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  • SAERTEX multiCom celebrates its 25th anniversary

    In 1996 SAERTEX multiCom was founded. And there are many reasons to celebrate.

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  • New product range

    We have specifically aligned our new product line to suit various applications and to make it easy for our customers to select the right liner for their projects.

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Trenchless Benefits

At SAERTEX multiCom, we rely on trenchless rehabilitation using the UV-CIPP method. This technology is sustainable, cost-effective, secure and has low impact.

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