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Our project managers support you with project-specific engineering services from planning and execution to the final acceptance of your construction project. That way, we can offer you the optimum solution for your project.

Conceptual design phase
  • Feasibility studies based on TV inspections
  • Feasibility studies based on our technical questionnaire
  • Support with approval in your country
  • Static calculations of the wall thickness based on the interior pressure and exterior loads
Execution planning
  • On-site inspection
  • Preparatory measures (maintenance of operation, cleaning of old pipe, connections and faults, elbows, preparation of the pipe to be rehabilitated for the end connection)
  • Choice of respective system technology
  • Consulting for the design of the trenches
  • Consulting for the transport and storage of the SAERTEX-LINERs
  • On-site supervision of the construction project
  • Installation support through cooperation with the application technicians, rented equipment, and liner end sleeves
  • Connection of the liner to the existing pipeline network
Project conclusion

Our consulting services for quality assurance:

  • complete installation documentation with sampling
  • visual inspection and leak and/or pressure tests
  • professional disinfection after rehabilitation of a potable water pipe
  • determination of the mechanical characteristics of construction site samples in the SAERTEX multiCom lab

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Ivo Hemsing
Engineering Project & Support