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Pressure-resistant, hygienic, award-winning: Our SAERTEX-LINER H2O offers optimized characteristics for the trenchless rehabilitation of potable water supply lines using the UV-CIPP process. The UV-cured GFR pipe liner is approved in over 12 countries and won the ISTT Innovation Award in 2019. It is available in two design variants.

  • Type S+: low-cost alternative for low operating pressures up to 1 bar Type S+
  • XR: suitable for potable water supply lines at pressures up to 33 bar


Innovative and proven technology

To date, the SAERTEX-LINER H2O was used in over 100 projects for 300 UV-CIPP installations and has proven itself worldwide: from Berlin to Valencia, Shanghai to Stockholm, and Moscow to New Jersey.

Advanced hydrailic engiineering

Smooth surfaces coupled with low wall thicknesses maximize flow rate in supply pipes.

Fully structural

The tight-fitting, independent-action pipe liner absorbs inner and outer loads, withstands pressures up to 33 bar, and is a liner certified to Class A (DIN EN ISO 11295) and to Class IV (AWWA M28).

Customized solution package

You, too, can benefit from our wide range of additional services. Our experienced experts and engineers provide support to ensure the smooth progress of your construction project,from the conception phase through to the successful completion of your project


Product range


Medium Potable water
Resin type SFVE

W270, KTW, NSF and other countries

Styrene free? yes
Design Typ S+ Typ S+ XR
Old pipe profile Circular Circular
Pressure Application
Operating Pressure [bar] up to 1 up to 33
Fully statically loadable*
DN [mm] 250–1,200 250–1,200
Composite wall thickness [mm] 4–12 4.3–12.3
Outer foils:
- Integrated gliding and UV light protection foil
- Permanent foil with barrier function Inner
Outer foil with barrier function:
- Hygienic (Permanent)
Mechanical Characteristics
Short-term circumferential E modulus [N/mm²] ≥ 12,950 ≥ 20,500
Long-term circumferential E modulus [N/mm²] 9,450 16,000
Short-term bending E modulus [N/mm²] ≥ 15,000 ≥ 16,800
Short-term bending stress [N/mm²] ≥ 230 ≥ 270
Long-term bending stress [N/mm²] 165 210
Reduction factor according to DIN EN 761:
- 10 years [after 2,000 hours] 1.37
- 50 years [after 10,000 hours] 1.28

*Structural classification for pressure applications | Class A DIN EN ISO 11295 // Class IV AWWA M28

**Brazil, China, Israel, Italy, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, Belarus

Your partner for your rehabilitation project

  • Engineering services, e.g. feasibility studies, structural calculations acc. to DWA and ASTM, approvals, etc.
  • Practical training concepts for your team
  • Technical support from our application engineers
  • Rent or buy UV-CIPP technology and installation equipment

Long storages stability 

SAERTEX-LINER H2O impregnated at our plant has a long storage stability of max. 6 months. This provides additional security to allow for a flexible response to any unpredictabilities during the project.


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