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CIPP: Annular space and structural integrity

The regular existence of excessively large annular spaces between the CIPP and the existing pipeline after installation has been recently the subject of controversial discussions among experts. The various reasons for the annular space as well as the effects on structural integrity are discussed.In the following technical report by Dr.-Ing. Ricky Selle a systematic approach to the topic is made. The possible reasons for the formation of annular spaces are pointed out and classified in terms of their potential. On this basis, the effects on structural integrity of the liners can be quantified. 

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  • Sustainability in trenchless pipeline rehabilitation

    Are you looking for a sustainable rehabilitation option for supply or wastewater pipes?

    Rehabilitation using trenchless technology is in itself more sustainable than conventional construction methods. In addition, we have set ourselves the goal of increasing our contribution to CO2 savings even further. The topic of sustainability is therefore an integral part of our corporate strategy, which is continuously driven forward by Michael Lensing as Sustainability Manager at SAERTEX multiCom.

    Watch the film about it.

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  • One Million Kilograms of CO2 Saved Using SAERTEX-LINER UPgreen

    In order to make trenchless pipeline rehabilitation more sustainable, SAERTEX multiCom introduced the SAERTEX-LINER UPgreen at the end of 2020. The company has since used this key innovation in the sustainable production of GRP liners as standard for all SAERTEX-LINERS in the product range with UP resins. To date, the new technology has enabled savings of one million kilograms of CO2.

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  • Pipe Liners: Combined Wall Thickness and Unrealistic Moduli of Elasticity Adieu

    The so-called resin-rich layers of pipe liners have been subjected to very specific treatment on the German market since the introduction of DIN EN ISO 11296-4 in 2011. The scope for interpretation resulted in a competition developing to achieve the highest modulus of elasticity, which then became synonymous with high quality. However, the resulting characteristic values are dubious in terms of their technical basis. This practice continues to be upheld, although the update to the product standard has now rendered the basis unfounded.  The introduction of the AoC document for pipe liners is another reason to deviate from the unique German path.

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  • Wall Thicknesses for Cured-in-Place Pipe Liners

    The new version of the international product standard for cured-in-place pipe lining, ISO 11296-4, introduced a number of changes in 2018. New terms such as ‘design wall thickness’ and ‘composite’ necessitate greater adjustments for the industry than might initially be apparent. What will planners, manufacturers, testing institutes and construction companies need to consider in future? The following presents a technical article on how theory can be translated into practice, thereby ensuring greater transparency.

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  • We wish you a beautiful Christmas season

    Christmas is just around the corner and the year 2021 is drawing to a close. Looking back, we can say that we have also mastered this year's challenges well - also and especially thanks to our loyal customers! Thank you very much for the great cooperation and the trust you have placed in us.

    With a Christmas donation campaign, we would like to do good together with you again this year.

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  • Cancellation of the International Application Meeting 2022

    We hereby have to inform you that with a heavy heart we have decided to cancel the International Application Meeting on January 13, 2022. The decision was not easy for us, because after two years we were already very much looking forward to the personal exchange with our users. However, as the current pandemic situation has recently come to a head again, we consider it inappropriate to hold an event with over 100 participants and many contact opportunities now.

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