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Cappagh's rehabilitating success with SAERTEX-LINER and Starlight UV System


In a challenging alley location, Cappagh Group successfully rehabilitated 180 meters of badly deformed pipes with the support of S1E Ltd, utilizing the SAERTEX-LINER and the Trelleborg Starlight UV system for efficient installation and curing.

Cappagh Group serve the construction industry across the South, ensuring necessary services like water, sewerage, gas, and electric continue to flow. The lining division at Cappagh are continuing to show their abilities to tackle the most challenging of reactive lining repair activities across the whole of the Thames Water network.

Cappagh Group's lining division recently undertook a challenging project in Swindon, involving the rehabilitation of three lengths totalling 180 meters of badly deformed 300mm pipes. The location posed significant challenges, situated in a narrow alley bordered by properties on both sides, making access and manoeuvrability challenging.

The project required extensive cleaning of each length of pipe, which also had the presence of multiple protruding connections that needed to be cut back and reopened once lined. The installation method selected was UV, utilising the Trelleborg Starlight UV Lining System to cure a SAERTEX-LINER® MULTI Type S+.

Recognizing the importance of expertise in ensuring successful project execution, the lining team from Cappagh Group underwent comprehensive installer training provided by SAERTEX multiCom®, which included technical knowledge and hands-on practice. As a result, six members of their team are now certified SAERTEX LINER installers.

S1E Ltd supported Cappagh Group by sourcing the necessary liner from SAERTEX multiCom®, providing the Starlight UV system on hire, and S1E’s CIPP Lining Development Manager, Dave McCarthy offering on-site assistance throughout the project. The UV installation method, coupled with the Starlight system, provided an efficient and effective solution for curing the SAERTEX-LINER®


Cappagh SmC Starlight Marode Rohr
Cappagh SmC Starlight Rohr fertig

SAERTEX-LINER® MULTI Type S+ from SAERTEX multiCom is a state-of-the-art glass-fibre reinforced liner designed for trenchless pipe rehabilitation. Its key benefits include:

  • High durability and strength:Made from high-quality materials, the liner offers exceptional durability and longevity with a technical service life of up to 100 years whilst maintaining low wall thicknesses. It is also resistant to the hydrogen sulphide (H2S) attack of normal domestic wastewater, which is typically causing corrosion in concrete pipes.
  • Installation-friendly construction:The liner is supplied pre-impregnated with a long shelf life. The product properties allow high pull-in forces and easy handling even in challenging and confined environments.
  • Smooth inner surface:The smooth inner surface of the liner facilitates efficient flow within the rehabilitated pipe, reducing friction and improving flow performance.

This challenging rehabilitation project demonstrates the efficiency of the UV installation method and the Starlight’s compact design which made it easier to manoeuvre the unit, with only a compressor also required on site. The Starlight UV Lining System from Trelleborg (former I.S.T.) is a cutting-edge technology used for curing liners of up to 90m in length with a 4 x 400 W light chain and is especially designed for hard-to-reach places. Its other benefits also include rapid cure times to reduce installation time, uniform curing performance, and being an environmentally friendly option for pipe rehabilitation projects.

Cappagh SmC Starlight Liner 2
Cappagh SmC Starlight gerät

Joshua Urquhart, Lining Field Manager at Cappagh Group commented:""We couldn't be more pleased with the outcome of our recent pipe rehabilitation project in Swindon. The SAERTEX-LINER and the Starlight UV system exceeded our expectations in terms of performance and efficiency. The SAERTEX-LINER S+ proved to be exceptionally durable and resistant to the challenging conditions of the project site, providing a long-lasting solution for our rehabilitation needs.”

“Additionally, the Starlight UV system's rapid curing capabilities significantly streamlined our installation process, allowing us to complete each length of liner within a remarkably short timeframe. The uniform curing ensured the integrity of the liners, giving us confidence in their long-term reliability.”

He continued, “Furthermore, as always, it’s been a pleasure to work with S1E. From assisting in the supply of the liner to providing on-site guidance and expertise, they provided fast delivery and their support throughout the project was excellent.”

Despite the challenges posed by the project's location and the condition of the pipes, the collaborative efforts of S1E Ltd, support from a technician from SAERTEX multiCom and Cappagh Group ensured a successful project completion. Despite the extensive prep work required, each length of liner was successfully installed and cured within three hours; the project was ultimately completed in two weeks with each liner taking three days to install. 

S1E Ltd's support, coupled with the expertise of Cappagh Group's lining team, was instrumental in the successful execution of the pipe rehabilitation project in Swindon. The project highlights the importance of effective collaboration, innovative solutions, and skilled workforce in overcoming challenges and achieving project objectives within constrained environments. 

Cappagh SmC Starlight Liner

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