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Massive COsavings


Massive CO2 savings in the production of GRP pipe liners through SAERTEX-LINER® UPgreen

Trenchless pipeline rehabilitation with UV-cured GRP pipe liners makes an environmentally-friendly rehabilitation of pipeline systems possible. Besides low noise pollution and minimized excavation work, trenchless pipeline rehabilitation causes less CO2 than open-trench construction. SAERTEX multiCom® is now setting additional milestones in order to save even more CO2 with this environmentally-friendly technology and make its product range even more sustainable. Together with Scott Bader, one of its strategic partners, the company has now implemented a significant innovation in the sustainable production of GRP pipe liners: SAERTEX-LINER® UPgreen. 

UPgreen technology describes a sustainable process optimization in the production of glass fiber reinforced pipe liners. For impregnation of the SAERTEX LINER® carried out at the factory, SAERTEX multiCom relies on unsaturated polyester resins (UP resins) from Scott Bader which are manufactured with a new, climate-friendly production method. Since the last quarter of 2020, 70 percent of the supplied UP resins have already been produced with the new technology. As a result, in the last quarter of 2020 alone, 270,000 kg of CO2 have already been demonstrably saved with around 160,000 running meters sold. That corresponds to the CO2 footprint of 723 flights from Frankfurt am Main to New York.

“The new SAERTEX-LINER® UPgreen results in a targeted total CO2savings of more than one million kilograms of CO2 a year that we want to achieve together with our customers,” says Kai Diecks, Managing Director of SAERTEX multiCom. “UPgreen is an important step towards more sustainability, and many others are to follow soon.”

UPgreen technology is used for all SAERTEX-LINERs of the product range that use UP resins. These GRP pipe liners are used for trenchless rehabilitation of municipal sewers and pipelines. The environmentally-friendly changeover of the UP resin system has no impact on the technical properties of the products. Therefore, customers do not have to take any technical changes into consideration for their projects. In addition, all further developments are in harmony with all globally-existing product approvals, so they remain valid as before. So far, SAERTEX multiCom has launched the UPgreen technology in Europe. China and the USA will follow in the future.

The verifiable results in CO2 optimization from SAERTEX-LINER® UPgreen are passed on by SAERTEX multiCom to its customers each quarter. Customers receive a certificate for this purpose with an individual calculation of the CO2 savings for their orders in that time period. Customers can also substantiate their part of the CO2 savings with this certificate. The first certificates have already been sent.

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