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SAERTEX-LINER Produktprogramm KV

New product range


Fiberglass-reinforced SAERTEX-LINERS have been successfully installed worldwide since 1996. Therefore, our customers receive more than just a GRP liner from us; it is a solution proven 90,000 times over.

At the forefront of UV-CIPP technology, we at SAERTEX multiCom continuously improve our products and services – and transferred our technology successfully also to new applications. As part of this evolution, we are pleased to announce our new product range:


To our products

We have specifically aligned our new product line to suit various applications and to make it easy to select the right liner for the project in three steps:

  1. Select the necessary product line depending on your application. Here the flow media is essential.
  2. Select the design type that matches your profile, dimensions, and application requirements. The previously known liner names appear at this level of product choice.
  3. If applicable, you can select which inner foil is most suitable for the project; outer foils are standard.

We feel these changes allow us to present our product range as the most innovative and complete line of UV-CIPP lining options in the trenchless rehabilitation industry. The name evolution was necessary to make the resin type and its application transparent and visible.

Neither the raw materials and production processes nor the mechanical values and quality of the products listed have been changed. Only the names change. Corresponding test reports and approvals remain valid and are successively updated.

What has not changed is our commitment to our customers and partners; they remain our highest priority. By creating these five new product categories, we are convinced that we are providing our customers, and yours, with a clearer picture of the lining solutions available to them.

Our contact persons are at your disposal to discuss any questions with you.

To the contact persons



Glossary for the new products


Now called foil in accordance to ISO-11296-4


Styrene-free lining with SAERTEX-LINER ENVIRONMENT.

FastPlus Formerly called Premium, FastPlus refers to the inner foil that does not have to be removed from the liner after curing – saving time on installation.
GAS SAERTEX-LINER GAS certified for UV-CIPP of gas pipelines.
H2O SAERTEX-LINER H2O for UV-CIPP in potable water lines.
Hygenic Permanent inner foil for use in H2O pipelines.
INDUSTRY Our SAERTEX-LINER with VE resin, engineered for corrosive chemical environments and higher temperatures.
MULTI Our liner for municipal wastewater and sewer pipes:

Now called FastPlus.

Pressure Inner foil for pressure related application of SAERTEX-LINER MULTI, ENVIRONMENT and GAS. It is not suitable for potable water applications (H2O – see above HYGENIC)
S+ XR Design type with extra reinforcement for high pressure applications.
UPgreen Process innovation in our UP-resin production for CO2 savings.


New terms ISO 11296-4

Permanent foil Foil takes over function during installation and also in operation and remains in the liner.
Semi-permanent foil

Foil takes over function during installation and remains in the liner.

Temporary foil Foil takes over function during installation and must be removed afterwards.


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