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Sustainable, time-saving, flexible: The SAERTEX-LINER MULTI offers maximum efficiency when it comes to the trenchless rehabilitation of municipal wastewater pipes and pressure lines. The solution proven 90,000 times over: The GFR pipe liner couples performance with security and cost-efficiency. It is available in three construction variants.

  • Type M: efficient performance for small nominal widths
  • Type S+: best mechanical characteristics and interesting number of
  • variants Type S+ XR: suitable for pressure lines up to 33 bar


Installation-friendly construction

The construction of the SAERTEX-LINER MULTI allows high pull-in forces and prevents the liner from overstretch. Its reduced weight makes for easy handling, the low wall thicknesses shorten curing times, and, in the "FastPlus" variant, the pipe liner saves even more installation time.

Technical service life of 100 years

Our permanent chemical- and corrosion-resistant ECR fiberglass produces unique constructions with multiaxial fabrics and a minimum long-term reduction factor after 20,000 hours (acc. To DIN EN 761).

Gliding and UV light protection foil

The gliding and UV light protection foil integrated as standard saves you the use of an additional gliding foil up to DN 600 and at max. 2.5 t liner weight. At no extra charge.

SAERTEX-LINER UPgreen: CO2-optimized

The climate-friendly manufacturing process for our UP resin systems saves an average of 250,000 kg CO2 per quarter. On request, we can provide you with a certificate showing the CO2 savings achieved by your projects.


Product range


Medium municipal wastewater and rainwater
Resin type UP
Temperature and media resistance +
Styrene free? no
Design Typ M Typ S+ Typ S+ XR
Old pipe profile Circular Various Circular Circular
Application Gravity Gravity Pressure Pressure
Operating Pressure [bar] up to 1 up to 33
Fully statically loadable*
DN [mm] 150–400 150–1,600 250–1,200 250–1,200
Composite wall thickness [mm] 3+4 3–15 4–12 4.3-12.3
Outer foils:
- Integrated gliding and UV light protection foil
- Permanent foil with barrier function Inner
Outer foil with barrier function:
- Standard (temporary)
- FastPlus (semi-permanent)** Selectable Selectable
- Pressure (permanent)
Mechanical Characteristics
Short-term circumferential E modulus [N/mm²] ≥ 7,000 ≥ 20,500
Long-term circumferential E modulus [N/mm²] 3,800 16,000
Short-term bending E modulus [N/mm²] ≥ 7,000 ≥ 16,800
Short-term bending stress [N/mm²] ≥ 200 ≥ 270
Long-term bending stress [N/mm²] 110 210
Reduction factor according to DIN EN 761:
- 50 years [after 10,000 hours] 1.8 1.28
- 100 years [after 20,000 hours] 1.83 1.31

*Structural classification for pressure applications | Class A DIN EN ISO 11295 // Class IV AWWA M28

**FastPlus available for DN 200 to DN 1500 max WD 12 mm

Saves time and provides protection

This rugged inner foil remains inside the liner after curing and saves your team about 1h of installation time for every 100m liner. FastPlus also makes it easier to introduce the UV source, even in difficult installation conditions.

Approved by independent bodies

  • DIBt Approval: Z-42.3-350 CSTB:
  • DTA 17/16-311
  • WRc: PT/458/0620
  • Others on request


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