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Styrene-free SAERTEX-LINER ENVIRONMENT now with DIBt approval


The styrene-free SAERTEX-LINER ENVIRONMENT was the first GRP liner with styrene-free VE resin on the market to be approved by DIBt. This improves the range of products offered by SAERTEX multiCom for the trenchless rehabilitation of wastewater pipes, especially for applications where it is important to avoid the typical odor of styrene.

The SAERTEX-LINER ENVIRONMENT is the first styrene-free GRP liner with VE resin impregnation to be approved by the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) as of May 28, 2021.

"We are seeing increasing demand for styrene-free liners for trenchless rehabilitation in some select applications," says Nils Füchtjohann, Global Director of Products at SAERTEX multiCom. "Especially in areas with a lot of foot traffic, our customers are concerned about avoiding the typical styrene odor of the lining process."

"Our customers in the automotive and food industries in particular have also been requesting structural approval for our styrene-free liners for some time," adds Daniel Wehner, Product Manager at SAERTEX multiCom. "We are therefore pleased to announce that since the end of May, we have been able to extend the existing DIBt approval for SAERTEX LINERS to the SAERTEX-LINER ENVIRONMENT."

SAERTEX multiCom uses styrene-free vinyl ester resin when impregnating the SAERTEX-LINER ENVIRONMENT at the factory. This means that when the liner is installed using the light-curing UV CIPP process, the typical styrene odor is eliminated.

The DIBt has approved the S+ type for the free-flow area. The styrene-free liners are typically used in the rehabilitation of production facilities and logistics areas in the automotive and food industries. Other applications include the rehabilitation of wastewater and rainwater pipes in public areas, such as marketplaces, pedestrian zones or even train stations.

The SAERTEX-LINER ENVIRONMENT product range is complemented by the S+ variant for pressure applications up to 1 bar and the S+XR. The latter has an additional reinforcing layer in the liner that makes it applicable for pressure lines with operating pressures of up to 33 bar.

Also suitable for pressure lines and styrene-free is the SAERTEX-LINER H2O product range. Compared to the SAERTEX-LINER ENVIRONMENT, the liners within this range also meet the highest hygiene standards including approvals for use in drinking water pipes.